Hi! My name’s Joanna.

This website is all about my two passions: travelling and photography. I’d like to write “the biggest” in front of “passions” but I’m not sure if this is exactly true. I’m also a literature lover and an avid cook. I adore cats and don’t like London (although especially the latter is probably controversial). I believe in friendship and that money can’t buy you happiness – which most likely classifies me as an old-fashioned freak. I enjoy changes but currently am looking for some sort of stabilization.

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9 thoughts on “Hi! My name’s Joanna.

  1. wow. i want photography too. i want to go to Israel someday too. God bless you and take heart! your blog is cute. :)

  2. I love your Jerusalem post. You managed to capture, and only in photographs, the diversity of the most beautiful and aching place in the world. It reminds us that the land is being fought over only because all the different people share the same fervent love for it. If only that love would unite us, and we would learn to share the broken city, so that it may flourish. Beautiful – you showed Jerusalem the same way I see her, and I was born there, so that’s not an easy vision to capture. <3 love.

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