SA – Tshani (Wild Coast)

I have always been drawn to empty areas on the map. Places that google maps have no idea about. Regions like these are quite easily found in South Africa. Driving through the country you often spend hours in the middle of nowhere. Open spaces are stunning there, especially when you come from the crowded cities of Europe.

In the heart of the Wild Coast lies the village of Tshani. Our GPS system didn’t quite manage with the name and we ended up marking a dot at the end of the road, right at the ocean, where we believed our destination should be – judging by the small jpg map that we got from the Mdumbi Backpackers (please, do have a look at the website and the wonderful community projects they run!).

We were planning to stay there for one night only but ended up extending our sojourn and in the end regretting we had to stick to the itinerary and leave. It’s one of those places where you can absolutely relax, sunbathe, do your yoga on the porch, run along the beach and surf. It’s also where I saw probably the most ravishing sunrise ever. It was totally worth getting up at 5.30. If you get a chance, pack a blanket, a tiny gas cooker, coffee and some water. If you’re lucky enough to have rusks, don’t forget them. Then walk carefully in the dark towards the shore. Pass by the young fishermen with their rods. With a bit of good fortune, you’ll get the best company one could dream of (have a look at the photos). Then just sit down and admire.