SA – Kaapsehoop

In the middle of Mpumalanga, some 100 km from the Kruger’s National Park, is the town of Kaapsehoop. Not the most popular touristic destination which is why, if you get lucky, you can enjoy it basically on your own, as we did. It’s situated 1486 m above sea level, and set out between large natural clearings in the rock fields near the top of the escarpment overlooking the lush De Kaap Valley located some 800 metres below – breathtaking views guaranteed if you bother to take one of the many possible hikes.

Thanks to the indescribable hospitality of our Couchsurfing host, Trudie and her friends we enjoyed the stay even more, taking in all the delights of the Kaapsehoop Guest Farm. It lies in a beautiful valley, surrouned by 3 mountains. Wild horses hang around literally in front of the door, huge spiders happen to be your flatmates and if you leave the garbage outside be prepared to gather it from all over the place since baboons will most likely try to fest on it. An unforgettable experience. NB: Don’t miss on the lake: take a boat and paddle on the wonderfully calm surface, preferably at sunset. Even a hothead like me gets to chill out in this place.