Why not to miss Blyde River Canyon when in South Africa

Blyde River Canyon makes for quite a detour from the route you’d typically take when landing in Joburg and planning on visiting the Kruger National Park afterwards. Why isn’t it worth saving time and fuel on this one? There are three main reasons:



3. And last but not least: Views.

What besides for the above mentioned? If you love adrenaline, the Big Swing in Graskop should land on your list. It’s advertised as one of the world’s highest Cable Gorge Swings that let’s you experience a 68 metre freefall at 180 km/h in under 3 seconds (yes, it’s fast). For foodies, there are some cool little restaurants serving the typical South African pancakes (but beware: who makes awesome pancakes does NOT necessarily make great sandwitches or fries, so stick to the star on the menu).

The tip of the day: the viewpoints close before the sunset, so plan the trip well and save yourself a long drive in the complete darkness ;]