Tel Aviv

April 2013. After 2.5h in the air my plane was turned back to Budapest out of „safety reasons”, causing a five-hour delay and costing me a cancellation of a hostel booking. It was 1 am when I found myself on the Tel Aviv airport, exhausted, by myself, having nowhere to stay and wondering what on earth I was doing. Then just an hour and a half in a line to passport control, detailed interrogation, half an hour on the platform and a twenty-minute train ride to the center of the city. Negotiating with the cab driver on the price was not really my intention. Long story short: a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend (the world is small) agreed to host me, sparing me sleeping in the street. But all of that seemed far behind me when next morning I went through the flea market of Jaffa grabbing a scoop of mint-lemon sorbet for breakfast and heading straight to the beach:  cloudless sky, perfectly azure sea and thirty degrees at 8 am – all that can put you in a good mood within seconds.

Tel Aviv has everything that a city needs to make you fall in love with it: great weather, beautiful beaches, tasty food, terrific sights, unique street art, and last but not least – handsome men. But if you come all the way to the Middle East, prepare yourself for more and leave it behind. Just beware: you might see things that won’t let you go back to your stabilized life easily.