Business trip, January 2013. Not enough time for anything but a short walk around the city. First of all, I understood why the Belgians panic so much when winter arrives to their country. The streets of Brussels are so slippery that even the tiniest amount of snow makes it impossible to walk normally. That is because the stones during the centuries got so polished by people’s shoes that now they resemble freshly buffed floor at your grandma’s place. Secondly, if you cannot walk anyways, why not to enter a bar where you can try almost 2,500 types of beer from all over the world? I couldn’t see any reason, that’s how I ended up in Delirium. The visit must be repeated though as I had to finish with a miserable result of 5 types only. Plus: I got merely 0.5 kg of Leonidas chocolates, learn from my mistake.